Lifetime Access To A Dozen Experts Who Give You The Tools To Develop Your Child Into A Happy, Healthy, Confident Soccer Player

…….Based On Science And Work In The Trenches With Kids

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Lifetime Access To Interviews From These Terrific Speakers

If That Wasn't Enough, You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses:

Amazing Bonus #1

Database Of Contact Information For Division I, II, and III College Soccer Coaches


Full Contact Info For Over 3000 College Soccer Coaches



Men’s Head Coaches

Women’s Head Coaches

Assistant Head Coaches



*Turnover is high among College soccer coaches, especially assistant coaches, so every contact may not be accurate*

Amazing Bonus #2

2000 Touch Foot Skills Training Session

We all know that the one thing that helps young soccer players most is touches on the ball.  This short training session can be done in the back yard.

  •  More touches for better ball control

Develops fitness

Builds confidence on the ball

20 minutes is all it takes


Question: What is the All-Access Pass?

Answer: The All-Access Pass is your chance to get lifetime, digital access to everything from the  Elite Youth Soccer Summit.  That means that you get password-protected access to our membership site, where you can view or download all of the videos, audio recordings, transcripts, and bonuses.

Question: Are the Videos/Audios Compatible with My Device?

Answer: Yes.  The videos are in MP4 format, and the audio files are in MP3 format. We haven’t found any device (Mac, PC, iOS, Android, or other) that doesn’t work yet.

Question: Can’t I Just Watch the Videos for Free During the Summit?

Answer: Absolutely, but unfortunately the summit has finished and the summit talks aren’t available for free forever.  The only way to still watch all the talks from the Elite Youth Soccer Summit is to upgrade to the All-Access Pass.

Question: Do You Offer Refunds?

Answer: Many companies say that they offer refunds and then make it really hard when you ask for a refund.  We promise that if you ask us for a refund for any reason at all, we will give you the refund with no questions asked and as quickly as possible.  (We aren’t a big company, so sometimes it takes us 12 or even 24 hours to get to all of our emails, but that’s only because we need to sleep and eat.)  Oh, and you need to ask us for a refund within 30 days.