Owner of SportsDadHub.com

Kevin Duy

Kevin is a proud husband and father of three sports-loving boys and a two-year old girl. He created SportsDadHub.com to be a positive community for level-headed sports parents who want to fuel their kids’ passion for sports, without burning them out. Kevin believes in using youth sports as a tool to teach kids valuable life lessons, making family memories and creating a priceless bond with them.

Having three boys playing multiple sports, including travel ice hockey, I understand how quickly the costs of youth sports can add up. The more skilled and passionate your kids get about sports, the more expensive their sports get. Everything from club and travel teams, to private coaching and camps. Youth sports are putting a strain on sports parents’ finances like never before. I have a passion for helping sports parents earn extra income so that they can say “Yes” to their kids’ sports, without the stress.

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